Steps for Selling a House in Probate in Miami

Steps for Selling a House in Probate If you find yourself in the position of managing a probate property in FL and have decided that selling is the best course of action, understanding the proper steps for selling a house in probate is really important. Local and state laws dictate a straightforward four-step procedure designed … Continued

What Is A Probate Sale and Its Connection to Estate Sales.

When dealing the complexities of managing a loved one’s estate after their passing, two terms you’re likely to encounter are “probate sale” and “estate sale.” Now you might ask yourself: what is a probate sale and an estate sale. While both play crucial roles in the process of settling an estate, they serve different purposes … Continued

Miami Buyers and Sellers, Here is What You Need To Know About Cloudy Title, Code Enforcement, Open Permits, Lis Pendens meaning

Understanding Cloudy Titles The term “cloudy title” might not be part of your everyday vocabulary, but it becomes critically important the moment it impacts your real estate transaction. Alongside it, understanding concepts like code enforcement, open permits, and lis pendens meaning can significantly benefit both buyers and sellers in the property market. What you need … Continued

Selling a House in Probate In Florida

Many people wonder, “if selling a house in probate in Florida FL can be done?” The simple answer is yes, but, like any property transaction, Selling a house in probate it’s essential to closely follow the specific rules and regulations set by your state. When a house is sold during probate, the probate court oversees … Continued