3 Ways Selling Your Home in Miami Has Changed Since COVID-19

The real estate industry has undergone a dramatic transformation since the onset of COVID-19. However, because the virus is still in play, as you approach selling your home in Miami, it’s helpful to understand how these changes may affect your sale. So read on as we explore three ways selling your home in Miami has changed since COVID-19. 

Home Based Lifestyle

One of the ways selling your home in Miami has changed since COVID-19 is in the demands of buyers who now focus on spending more time at home. If your home doesn’t offer spaces for a home office, workouts, schooling or outdoor family activities, it’s worth considering remodeling to bring the highest profit on your sale. Future Generation Homes can guide you through the process, help you make the most of your property, and bring in top dollar for your listed property. However, if you don’t have the time, money or interest in upgrades or renovations, you can keep your money in your pocket; our team at Future Generation Homes acting as investors buy houses as-is and we can make you a quick cash offer. Or, ask about a hybrid sale, where your assigned agent at Future Generation Homes earns a commission on the as-is value, then, as an investor, partners with you to make improvements and fairly splits the profits with sellers on the after-repair value.

Virtual Marketing

Another way selling your home in Miami has changed since COVID-19 is in the methods used to market properties. Professional virtual tours and high-quality digital imagery are must-haves to compete against other listings online. Our team understand that the final sales price difference from hiring a professional stager is well worth the expense. Future Generation Homes utilize the latest technology to bring the highest profits. Our team is experienced in this competitive South Florida market we will detail your expenses and what you could profit with a direct sale and compare that to your current market value. At Future Generation Homes, our investors will make you an offer you’ll agree is fair and never charge commissions, and there are never any hidden fees.

Post Showing Cleanings

Post-showing disinfecting procedures are another of the ways selling your home in Miami has changed since COVID-19. While the restrictions have eased, you should still ask what steps a listing agent will take responsibility for when you speak with them about their showing process, Future Generation Homes will take every necessary precaution. On the other hand, Future Generation Homes investors offer mean no showings and no worries about cleaning or the hassles of being ready to leave your home at the drop of a pin.

Us at Future Generation Homes make it easy to deal with all of the ways selling your home in Miami has changed since COVID-19. At Future Generation Homes, we want to make a deal you’ll feel good about long after closing. Our full-service in-house team of industry specialists at Future Generation Homes makes the process quick, easy, and convenient. Future Generation Homes offers a one-stop solution for every seller and every home. For a guaranteed closing, often within days, by making a direct sale to Future Generation Homes and their investors. Talk to your consultant at Future Generation Homes about selecting a more convenient date for the closing. Or, if you are ready to sell for the highest possible profits, then your answer is selling your home in Miami with one of our team members acting as a real estate agent.  Call Future Generation Homes at (786) 400-2628.

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